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Enjoying the Texas Hill Country Wineries

Jon and I finally took a FULL DAY OFF this past Sunday to go up to Fredericksburg and enjoy the Texas Hill Country Wineries with our besties who happen to also be wine club members and enjoy several perks when visiting :) Jon and I kinda just went with the flow and let Kaitlyn & Joe (the winery experts) plan everything!

Fist on our stop was brunch at Grape Creek Vineyards. On this particular Sunday their restaurant was open to wine club members only so Jon and I felt pretty special getting to enjoy their tasty food and gorgeous view! It was like taking a step back to Italy which I loved!

I ordered the Italian Panini while everyone else at the table got steak and eggs. It was all so delicious!

Then it was off to their tasting room where we tried several of their award winning wines. They were so yummy! I will say though when it comes to wine, my taste buds are pretty closed-minded. Give me a red cab all day everyday and I'll be a happy camper!

Our next stop was Pedernales Cellars where we were told we would enjoy the best view in Fredericksburg with a tasty glass of wine. They view nor the wine didn't disappoint!

The final stop of the day was William + Chris Vineyards. Man, was this place hopping! It was a wine pickup day for their wine club members and they had all sorts of stuff going on!

As soon as we got there we were greeted with valet and a glass of sparkling Rosé. There was live music playing, people everywhere enjoying the beautiful day, wine tasting stations all around and plenty to do! On our way to the ladybug release we stopped and grabbed a quick picture in there photo backdrop! How cute was this?!

We then grabbed a bag of 1,500 hundred ladybugs and jumped on the hay ride where they drove us through the winery to where we would be releasing their natural pesticide!

We let Joe do the honors of releasing the ladybugs up and down one row of vines. He was pretty much a pro at it :)

As you can see below I was a little worried about the ladybugs getting in my hair and I tried my hardest not to get too close to the bag, lol. If you look closely though I didn't do that great of a job...

We then finished our day with a yummy meat and cheese tray, which I love, and then headed back home!

We had so much fun on our little day off and we can't wait to do it again! Below are the links to all the places we visited.

What are some of your favorite wineries we should try next time in Fredericksburg?

Grape Creek Vineyards:

Pedernales Cellars:

William + Chris Vineyards:


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