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Jon and I's Vow Renewal in Venice, Italy

In honor of Jon and I's TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY (What?! Where has the time gone?) I thought I would do a blog post from Jon and I's vow renewal in Venice, Italy. Obviously one year isn't a typical time to do a vow renewal, but when I knew Jon and I were going to be in Italy for our anniversary I knew I wanted to do a photoshoot. My creative juices started to brew and I dreamed up this ohh-so-romantic vow renewal with just us two. And before you knew it, Jon and I had promised we would do a vow renewal EACH YEAR on our anniversary. Sure, most years wont include an exotic location and pretty wedding dresses, but none the less we promised to read our vows to each other each year. This year we will be sitting on a beach in Port Aransas as we soak up the sun.

Olga Makarova was our wonderful photographer who made this dream come to life! My beautiful dress was from Liv & Love Bridal and the amazing calligraphy is from Selah Creative Studio. You should give them all a look!


Wedding Dress:


Jon and I did our session that morning early in Venice. Wether you are doing a session or not, if you ever find yourself in Venice I would highly recommend exploring the town early in the morning. It is so peaceful and has a completely different atmosphere than when all the tourist arrive.



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